You Kidding?

For years various sporting codes have tried to talk themselves up against their rivals, but the latest claim by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) that is second only to football/soccer as a Global attraction is a little far-fetched.

Yes UFC may be popular, but does it hold as many regular events as other sporting codes played on a weekly basis?

Does it tap into local pride as much as teams from key cities around the world representing those people in a national competition? Can UFC seriously instil the same passion?

UFC stole a march on one of its main competitive sports, boxing by not have too many world title holders and forcing its champions to fight the main contenders rather than shy away from them for easier pay days and a longer spell as champion.

Yet in spite of that can a UFC Champion attract thousands of paying customers to a Press conference as Floyd Mayweather is able to do?

One has to say that as massive as the inroads the sport has made into the sporting landscape this claim is one that cannot be taken seriously

You Kidding?

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