You Have to Love the English

It was surprising this week that so many people were shocked by Louis Van Gaal’s reference to Sex Masochism. When one looks at an explanation of Sex Masochism it pretty much sums up his season with Manchester United.
‘Sexual masochism refers to engaging in or frequently fantasizing about being beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer, resulting in sexual satisfaction. He has been beaten fairly regularly and has certainly been made to suffer!

We will not speculate as to whether he has had sexual satisfaction from this, although many who don’t support United may claim to have.

The English language can be tricky at the best of times and it would appear that Van Gaal like many foreign managers before him has fallen victim to it. Yet credit should be given to all of them for their attempts to master a second language and hold press conferences in that language.

After United’s FA Cup semi final win over Everton van Gaal was quoted as saying “I said I wanted a title and I am happy.” He then went on to say that he had “won titles” wherever he had managed.

It is a term that was used frequently by former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho. Yet in English the term “title” refers wholly and solely to winning the League. Winning the League is regarded as being the definitive achievement, hence you win the League ‘title.’ Winning a Cup competition tends to be referred to by the term “honours” or “trophies.” Or in Manchester United, Arsenal and even Liverpool’s case they can be referred to as ‘disappointing returns.’

The one plus is van Gaal’s utterances have in recent weeks offered more entertainment that his team has on the pitch this season.

You Have to Love the English
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