Vale: Paul Williams

It was with great sadness I heard today of the passing of Paul Williams the former SBS commentator.

I spent time with Paul in Uruguay in 2001 when Australia failed to qualify for another World Cup, and of course he had called superbly the disappointment in 1997 when Iran came back and equalised and killed another Australian dream.

I spoke to him a few years ago when 990am Information radio was broadcasting the A League and had hoped he was on top of his health issues.

He was a gentleman, in the true sense of the word, honest with a sense of integrity. His passing will be a great loss to the football community, and our thoughts are with his family.

With so few decent football commentators in this country it is even more sad that we lose someone of his quality, but Paul we thank you for the part you played in our game, and may you rest in peace.

Vale: Paul Williams
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