To Tweet or Not To Tweet

It is interesting to see the approaches being taken by the various teams taking part in the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine in relation to Social media.

Social media is a vital form of communication to the modern generation, and by cutting this avenue off to them you risk disrupting their world. However with all things it must to be used responsibly.

Denmark have banned their players and staff attending the tournament from using any form of social media as too have Spain. Cesc Fabregas tweeting prior to the ban “From today we are not allowed to use social networks, I wish the next picture I post will be with the Euro Cup. See you soon!

Interestingly the one team on whom the media prey and will be waiting for an inappropriate tweet, England have according to Captain Steven Gerrard “been told not to be tweeting anything unnecessary.”

The question is what are the odds of an off the cuff remark being made during the tournament sparking controversy, and which team and which player will spark it? Surely this has to be better than any fantasy football team?

To Tweet or Not To Tweet
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