They’ve Got The World Cup Bid In Their Hands

Australia’s World cup bid will be tabled in Zurich in just over 30 days and it has been announced that Australia will be the first on stage to present their case. Meaning it will have to be absolutely superb, as the following bidders have a chance to remain fresher in those voting’s minds.

What is a concern is the email sent out this week from the FFA in relation to filming a scene for their presentation. This was meant to take place on Monday night but due to bad weather had to be abandoned.

The email sent out on Tuesday stated:

“We are now trying to pull together between 300-400 people for crowd reaction shots to a series of activities that will be happening at the SFS on the Field of Play tomorrow night (3 Nov).”

“This won’t be easy based on the time we have to get people together, So……….at the risk of sounding like I’m begging……WE NEED YOU and would be extremely grateful if you and your families/friends could spare some time to join us to star as a supporter in the Final Presentation.”

“The details are: Wed 3 November: 6.45pm – 11.30pm
Sydney Football Stadium (Driver Avenue)
Parking: MP 1 (please park on the left hand side as you enter), if this parking is full Fox Studios is $6 after 6pm
Dress: Supporter gear – Australian shirts, scarf, flag etc (whatever they would normally wear to a match – bring it all!) and an alternative shirt.”

First of all why did they not film an authentic crowd when the Socceroos played? Or even ask fans who are attending the game to get there early or stay on after to film this scene?

Then there is the fact that there are two A League fixtures this evening, so they are pulling people away from watching these on Fox.

Thirdly it is yet another why is this being left until so late? Surely your bid presentation should be all but done a month out, and you are simply practicing the presentation itself?

Finally, the request was also published on Facebook and it was interesting to see the negative feedback on yet another World Cup bid event being hosted in Sydney. As the bid is based on the Public’s support does the FFA not think that rival bidders will be monitoring such responses?

We desperately want the World Cup in Australia, but when we witness issues such as this question whether we have the professionalism to pull it off, and still feel the failure to engage the nation, will be Australia’s downfall.

They’ve Got The World Cup Bid In Their Hands
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3 thoughts on “They’ve Got The World Cup Bid In Their Hands

  • November 4, 2010 at 11:15 am

    Michael, totally agree with everything that you say, we are behind the bid, but the whole point of the World Cup, unlike the Olympics is it is the nation that hosts it rather than the city. This bid has failed to include the rest of Australia with everything based in Sydney.
    Also if funds are limited as you say, which obviously they are, as stated why not film the crowd at a genuine match rather than have a film crew come back and stage it twice?
    We hope we get the hosting, but are not as confident as you.

  • November 4, 2010 at 9:54 am

    Australia’s football association, has limited funds to work with. The FFA have done a tremendous job for the world cup bid, with what they have had. Australia deserves to host this football world cup in 2022 and australia has the best legacy for the game, fantastic infrastructure, tourist venues, a great economy, they’ve achieved fantastic levels of football development, Australia are now ranked 21 in the world, ahead of the US, South Korea and Japan, who have all held world cups before. Football is Australia’s number 1 played sport and it’s growing so FIFA knows it has a massive developing market in Asia and hosting the world cup in Australia will assist that growth and also will assist football development in not just Australia but New Zealand who are next door, Oceania and as I said before also in Asia, with the two big markets being India and China, they need to get these markets onto prime time TV as soon as possible as their football teams are poor and they need to be developed and that can only be achieved via promotion, there is no greater promotion than having prime time coverage of the world cup to Asia. So go AUSTRALIA for the 2022 WORLD CUP!!! COME PLAY!!!

  • November 3, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    What a joke! As you say why not film an authentic crowd?
    Living in the rest of Australia you would have no idea the bid was happening! Buckley will hopefully leave in December following the failure of the bid. USA a shoe-in.

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