They’re Not British!

Commercialism is rife in sport and some of the biggest brands are the masters at cashing in. Coca-Cola is a master of exploiting the big event and rather than one Yank at Oxford as in the movie, they are sending 22. (They would probably be better than their football team anyway! Sorry as a Swindon fan it was too much to resist).

Coca-Cola are taking 22 American stars to Oxford to be part of the Olympic torch relay in the first week of July. Included in the list are former figure skater Michelle Kwan and swimmer Summer Sanders.

Also included in from the band the Black-Eyed Peas, which has raised a few eyebrows.

Coca-cola has stated that those selected were done so due to their ‘commitment to active healthy living…who have shown limitless creativity in helping make a difference around the world.” That’s fine then as long as it was not simply exploitation of the torch relay everyone should be happy!

They’re Not British!
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