The Fans Fury

News that the FFA have decided to drop the North Queensland Fury from the Hyundai A league should  raise the ire of football fans across the country and it is time that they received the answers that they deserve.

In the official statement from the FFA, the CEO Ben Buckley is quoted as saying “with the capital-raising falling well short of the target, FFA has had to make the hard decision that it cannot continue to own and finance the Club in these circumstances.”

It goes on to say “Mr Buckley said the FFA had a responsibility to all clubs in the Hyundai A-League and funding Fury in excess of $2m reduced the capacity to invest in the A-League as a whole.”

“We need to concentrate our resources on the growth, promotion and stability of the entire Hyundai A-League competition and this level of investment would prevent us from undertaking programs to achieve the above,” Mr Buckley said.

“Many leagues around the world have adjusted the composition of clubs in early years and we feel this move will strengthen the Hyundai A-League just as it did for Major League Soccer in the United States and the J-League in Japan.”

This is simply not good enough, why did we not learn from their experiences and avoid the same mistakes? This move will make football a laughing stock among the rival codes. The majority of football fans around the country questioned the wisdom in expanding the league so quickly. This decision has now proved that the people were right.

There were many who advised against the new club being based in Townsville despite the region being an important development area for football, and once again they have been proved right.

Today’s decision comes on the back of the announcement in December last year that the West Sydney based Sydney Rovers bid to become the 12th team in the Hyundai A league was being withdrawn. The FFA had initially rejected two other bids for a franchise in the West Sydney suburbs, including the Lucas Neill-backed Sydney Wanderers, in favour of the Rovers. Once again they backed the wrong horse.

Coupled with the disastrous World Cup bid questions need to be asked by the footballing public as to whether the decisions being made are in fact the right ones for the game.

FFA CEO Ben Buckley is due in Perth tomorrow but we belief has not set aside any time to talk to the media, a media that rarely gets to see the head of the FFA on their side of the country and once again this is extremely disappointing.

The FFA appear to be more happy keeping people at arm’s length rather than embracing those who have the knowledge, commonsense and tools to help them. This has to change or once again the game will slide down the slippery slope that was the NSL.

What is even more sad is they don’t understand the fury the fans feel.

The Fans Fury
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4 thoughts on “The Fans Fury

  • March 2, 2011 at 7:53 am

    Andy, I can see how there mat appear to be a contradiction, however Sydney Rovers to all intense and purposes was far from the best bid, and appeared to be accepted without the correct due diligence and as a result after a big announcement withdrew. Bringing yet more embarrassment to the game, although I agree better than pulling out after two years.

    We questioned on air the merits of a side there and admitting two new teams at once. Again it would appear that the due diligence was not done if they almost fell over after one year and are gone after two. This is the management style of those who ran the NSL.

    It is very bad news for the A League as a whole

  • March 1, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    Love your stuff, but seems a slight contradiction here – saying NQ Fury shouldn’t have been admitted in the first place, then having a go at FFA because Sydney Rovers bid was withdrawn before they were admitted.

    I don’t recall too many complaints that NQ Fury were let in first place, yet most ire against FFA today appears to be because they are withdrawing their support (rather than letting NQF in first place).

    Not sure what else FFA could have done here. Admitting NQF was a risk, but they had the balls to take that risk. Would never have known that they were going to fail if they didn’t try.

  • March 1, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    I agree ‘supersub’ someone has to be held accountable.

  • March 1, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Whoever made te decision to let Fury into the League and the Sydney Rovers should be sacked.
    Buckley must carry the can, no wonder he will not face the media.

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