The Buck Must Stop Here!

We Love Football at Not The Footy Show, but we cannot agree with the Federal government’s decision to hand over another $4million to the sport after it squandered tens of millions on its failed World Cup bid and has shown fiscal irresponsibility.

The money the Government has said is for grassroots and women’s football, yet it has been packaged up with the new A league Franchise in Western Sydney, so many question whether this money will in fact ever reach the grassroots level it is supposed to help.

Throughout the world politicians have used the game of football and its popularity to win power or favour; Yet whenever they do the game itself suffers. One has a feeling that the same may be the case here.

Football does need money to help at Grassroots level and $4million in Western Sydney alone is big bonus. The women’s game needs more financial input and attention than it has been given, and $1million will help but is probably nowhere near enough that their game warrants due to the success of the women playing the game.

The FFA launched a new Indigenous Program this week, after the initial one was abandoned once the World Cup bid failed, and only pressure from John Moriarty and Warren Mundine saw a new program put together, but again here is an area that with some funds behind it could make a great difference to people’s lives.

To wrap this money up in a new A League Franchise is a concern to us as tax payers and as fans. In fact we believe other sports should be asking the Government why Football keeps receiving hand outs, and as tax payers for more accountability from those running the game before such funds are handed over.

The FFA have made no secret of wanting a team in the Western suburbs of Sydney, yet they have continually failed to attract investors.

High-profile businessmen turned their backs on such a move, including Western Suburbs product Harry Kewell who instead opted to move to Melbourne Victory, and who is now being touted to be moving back to where he grew up to headline the new side. One has to wonder the merit in that following his close to disasterous return to Australia this season. However the reason these successful business men knocked back the FFA was that they felt the business model being put forward was “a recipe for losing money”.

As usual the FFA has chosen to press ahead. This move could prove a killer blow for the A League, as well as CEO Ben Buckley. This time he must succeed as he has too many failed “initiatives” behind him to be allowed to continue. If this new franchise fails to live up to expectations Mr Buckley must move on move and his legacy will be a battered and bruised competition, and no doubt a Government reticent to help out a sport that has once again squandered funding.

On a day that should have been a good one for football we cannot help feeling it will be a day that football fans will live to regret.

Mr. Buckley, this better work for your sake and the game’s. Grassroots and women’s football must benefit from this money. You are quoted as saying “This is a significant day for the game,” let us hope for once it is for all the right reasons, as thus far you do not have the best track record, hence the reservations.

The Buck Must Stop Here!
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