Swimming With Sharks – Literally

Dr Julie Bradshaw may not be a name on the lips on most sports fans, but last weekend she broke her 20th World record.
The 47 year old became the first person to swim around Manhattan Island in New York using only the butterfly stroke.

The teacher and counselor broke her first record as a 15 year old when she became the fastest junior to swim across the English Channel, taking nine hours 28 minutes and 37 seconds to cover the 285 mile distance.

If you think that Dr Bradshaw is a little different, then you need to meet 61 year old Diana Nyad. Ms Nyad is planning to attempt to be the first person to swim from Cuba to Key West in Florida without the aid of a shark cage! The swim is expected to take around 60 hours. Ms Nyad attempted the feat in a shark cage way back in 1978 but had to abandon that swim due to bad weather after 41 hours.

Swimming With Sharks – Literally
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