Surely Not?

There are many players and fans of the local state league football competition who have been watching results in recent weeks with great interest to see who will play whom in the finals and on what day.

At the start of the season and up until this week the Elimination final (Sorrento v Western Knights) was due to be played on Saturday and the Qualifying final (Perth v Inglewood) on the Sunday. This would ensure that a maximum crowd could be obtained at both games.

Even though these dates have been in place since the beginning of the season the days and kick off times have all been changed the week of the games, apparently on the back of Perth requesting a different kick off time.

If their ground was not available then they should forfeit the right to play at home. The fixtures have been out since the beginning of the season and every club would have been aware if they had finals hopes that their ground would need to be available.  That being the case they should have made adequate plans to accommodate the game.

One thing you won’t have to worry about is the match day program having the wrong date, as Football West who normally produces the program for the finals has advised the hosting clubs by email that they must produce them, as they do not have the budget available.

Surely Not?
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One thought on “Surely Not?

  • September 7, 2011 at 7:59 am

    Why does this not surprise me? Football West under Hugg is ending up worse than under Chandler. He just does whatever he feels and never listens, as for having no money if he wasn’t on such a huge salary and he had not employed that lame duck Rechelle Hawkes they may have a few dollars for programs. Seriously has anyone seen her at a game yet?

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