Sunday, Bloody Sunday

One often gets the impression that this paper in WA is not a fan of the round ball game, and simply pays it lip service. The A League Grand Final was buried 8 pages in behind a sport whose season has not even started yet.

They certainly frequently get their facts very wrong, for example this season having a player named in the possible line up to take on the Glory for one A League club, when he in fact played for another club. We should maybe be grateful for small mercies, that they give the game any coverage.

It was therefore a major bonus that they actually gave the Perth Glory Youth team’s Grand Final appearance a mention.

However to call the final “consolatory” seemed a little harsh. Ask any of the players if this was a consolation final and we can assure you that they will not have felt that for one minute. For some it will be the highest point of their football careers.

As is the norm with this particular paper they could not even get the man of the match’s name correct, calling Perth-born Chris Harold of the Gold Coast, Chris Howard. But it was good of you to try.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday
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