Strong Leadership Pays Dividends

In modern day sport we hear a great deal about leadership. Players are meant to show it, and often go overboard with leadership groups, Coaches are supposed to show it, nurturing and often not publically criticising their charges; While many a club owner only seems to show it when he gives the dreaded vote of confidence. The CEO who is often the man pulling all of these together is often a forgotten hero.

We have praised the CEO of the Perth Wildcats, Nick Marvin in the past, and feel the need to do so again after hearing him interviewed over the weekend.

A little over a week ago his coach made comments about the officials in a post match game that saw the club hit with a fine, for breaching competition protocols. At the weekend Mr Marvin revealed that his coach stated prior to the press conference that he wished to get a few things off his chest. Mr Marvin, told him to go ahead and say what he felt and that the club would deal with the fall out.

When explaining a decision that may baffle many a sporting CEO who is always looking at ways to save money rather than blow it, Mr Marvin said he felt it was important for the players and the fans to understand the coach’s frustration and also see how passionate he is about the game and the team.

Certainly his comments brought the club plenty of media attention probably more than the fine could buy. This is great leadership by a man who understands his team, and when we use the word team, we refer to everyone involved with the Perth Wildcats. Maybe that is why they continue to be so successful?

As fans of sport we believe the sanitised, can’t-criticise-anyone post-match interviews are becoming a complete waste of time!

Strong Leadership Pays Dividends
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