Still In the Running

There is no doubt that Lord Coe has gone from being a man in a hurry, to a man in demand. The former Olympic Gold medallist switched his running shoes for a career in politics becoming the Conservative MP for Falmouth in Cornwall, before heading the London Olympic Games. He is now the head man at the British Olympic Association and is being asked to stand for the position of Lord Mayor of London.

The current incumbent the flamboyant Boris Johnson has said that he will not run for a third term, and sees Coe as his ideal replacement. However it would appear the post holds little appeal for the Chelsea supporting Lord Coe.

“My answer is consistent I am no longer interested in a career in politics – just sports politics” he told the Independent newspaper in England.

This comment would virtually confirm that Lord Coe intends to bid for the role of President of the International Athletics body, the IAAF. The elections are next year and if successful he would automatically gain a seat on the International Olympic Committee, which in turn could lead to an eventual nomination to the role of President of the IOC.

There is no doubt that this would appeal greatly to the former middle distance runner, however his main rival for the Presidency of the IAAF is former Olympic Pole-vaulting legend Sergei Bubka, who has plenty of people backing his run for the top job.

The word is that just as Coe ran two events at the Olympic Games, the 800m and 1500m, he may well be in the running for two posts here. Should he fail to gain the top job with the IAAF, it would still leave him open to run for the position of Mayor of London later in the year. That is if he wanted to eat his words.

Its nice to be in such demand.

Still In the Running
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