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Sachin Tendulkar is given God-like status in India so one has to wonder why he would want to enter the murky world of Politics. It would appear that getting in is going to be just as hard as getting in against McGrath and Warne.

Yesterday in Madras the high court ordered issue of notice on a petition challenging Tendulkar’s nomination as a member of the upper house secretariat.

It has been contended that a criminal complaint has been launched before the commissioner of Police against Tendulkar for offences committed under the Prevention of Insults Act 1971 and Emblems and Names Act 1950.

It is unclear exactly what Tendulkar is alleged to have done. This challenge may well show how keen he is to enter the political arena, as it is an area renowned for dirty tricks as well as public sledging. Some have mad a success of it and some haven’t. Politics has no place in sport, but do sportsmen have a place in politics?

Tendulkar has always said that every star should have his own identity, so one wonders how he stands on the issue of following along party lines. There is no doubt if elected the expectation on him to deliver will be just as high as it was every time he walked to the crease, maybe even higher.

Sport and Politics One
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