World Championships

Rollers Defeat Needs to be Reviewed.

The great thing about sport is there is never a sure thing, and when it comes to the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games that is definitely the case. In the early hours of this morning the Australian Rollers Wheelchair Basketball

The Right to Play God Puts the Olympic Ideal at Risk

There have been many debates over the years on how the professionalism of sport has killed the spectacle. Rather than a coach and an assistant coach of yesteryear the top teams around the world now have full time physios, sports

Podcast #11 – Floorball and Hockey Take Centre Stage

As always there has been plenty to discuss in the World of sport, such as teams playing not to win as happened in the Junior Asia Cup, abandoning the toss to make cricket fairer, ¬†and also the FFA’s failure to

Kenya Believe It?

The Sydney 2000 Olympics are when the Paralympics are said to have come of age, and there is no doubt that in London in 2012 they were warmly received by sports fans. The television coverage by Channel Four in the

Rio, A Road to Change For Athletics?

There are many who have been disappointed with the start made by Lord Coe as the new President of World athletics body the IAAF. Yet should we be surprised, after all this is a man who served time as a

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