The Wisdom of Danny, – More Relevant Today Than Ever.

There are sadly less and less people who will know who Danny Blanchflower was, and if they do know the name, most will only know that he played for Tottenham Hotspur. Some will be aware that he represented Northern Ireland,

Sharing the Success and the Pride

Formations do not win football matches. Many have become obsessed with systems and structures in recent years but the European Championships have shown that a good team will beat an over structured side. This has been the tournament for the

Finding National Pride

The rugby world cup is now at its halfway stage, and in terms of crowds the tournament has been a success. Yet has it converted people to the code, or have those new to the game simply bought tickets to

Penalties A Kick in the Guts

Possession may be nine tenths of the law, but in sport it is not a lot of good unless you turn that possession into points or goals. The Western Force have found that out the hard way in 2015. Last

What to do with Beckham

It appears that Team GB football coach Stuart Pearce has put many noses out of joint by opting – as was his power- to not select David Beckham as part of the team as one of the three over age

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