Usain Bolt

Searching for a Saviour

It was a victory of good over evil. Or was it Champion over cheat? Usain Bolt’s victory over Justin Gatlin in the 100m final in Beijing was a victory that many said had to happen for the sake of Athletics.

Questions over “Any Questions” Tweet

It is often said that the drug testing technology cannot keep up with those looking to gain an illegal advantage in sport. Is the same true of some sports administrators? It may not be any fault of their own, as

Box On – But is it Only Good in the Short Term?

As mentioned previously on this site next year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow face the prospect of having two star attractions on the track not take part, Britain’s Mo Farah and Jamaica’s Usain Bolt. At the start of this week they

No Mo, A Major Blow

There are many sports fans who have questioned the hoopla that surrounds the Commonwealth Games as in the last two editions many of the Gold medal winners have struggled to make the podium and sometimes the finals in events such

Yesterday’s Hero

How many Athletics fans remember Peter Radford? He is probably a great example how every athlete has his day in the sun. In May 1960 Radford smashed the World record for the 220yds at little known Aldersley Stadium in Wolverhampton.

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