Sydney 2000

The Competition for Dollars, Who Will be Disqualified

At the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games a series of images were used to embody what is known as the Olympic Spirit. One such image was of Tanzanian Marathon runner John Akwhari who in Mexico in 1968 famously came staggering into

Rollers Defeat Needs to be Reviewed.

The great thing about sport is there is never a sure thing, and when it comes to the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games that is definitely the case. In the early hours of this morning the Australian Rollers Wheelchair Basketball

Should Paralympics Go It Alone?

After all the hype of the Olympic Games next up is the Paralympic Games, where every day there are stories of people overcoming adversity to be crowned a paralympic Champion. Some their story of even competing at the Games will

The Hungry Games – Tracey Wheeler

Women’s football has only been in the Olympic Games since 1996 but Australia’s Matildas have participated in three Olympiads. In Sydney in 2000 Western Australia’s Tracey Wheeler was the sole representative from the state. In the fifth edition of the

Rising to the Challenge

Sex at the Olympics has always been a favourite topic as the Games near their conclusion, and with Brazil being the land of the Samba and the Jongo a higher number of athletes rising to the occasion is expected in

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