Sri Lanka

A Reason to Stay at Home

Understandably England’s cricket fans are feeling a little down at the moment. The Ashes have been lost, they are 3-0 down in the series and there are two tests still left to play, and their big name players simply have

How Long Can Oceania Survive?

Is there a place in International sport for Oceania? This questions has been murmured for years, but is it time that the World’s sporting bodies seriously looked at Oceania, and considered a better option for qualification to World Cup Finals

Warne to Drive the Bus?

If only more people paid attention to what people said in the past, and reminded them of those comments when suddenly when it suits they flip to the opposite point of view. Who can forget Shane Warne’s tempestuous relationship with

MS Dhoni Stumped

MS Dhoni is revered in India. Some may call him god-like, – although that got him in trouble- while to others he is the King of Cricket. But the King has been trumped by a Prince. The Maharashtra Cricket Association

Are The Players Totally to Blame?

There is more money in sport today, and athletes play more games, and as a result many records from the past tumble on a regular basis. However are these records beaten by players with higher levels of skill or simply

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