Let the Children Play and The Coaches Coach

It is becoming an accepted fact that today’s young people do not take criticism well. Which means coaching young people has become much harder than it was in the past. Coaching the very young is still about giving children the

Clubs are Crucial to the Community

Is Australia losing its competitive spirit, or simply following a worldwide trend? The recent Roy Morgan Research data revealed that only one in five Australians over the age of 14 regularly play competitive sport, a figure that is down 27%

Is It Time to Go Back to Basics?

Why do we play sport? The answer will vary depending on whom you talk to. Some will say because of the competition, some will say to keep fit. To be a part of a team and the friendships you will

Experience Counts when Coaching

Everyone wants to be a coach. If that wasn’t the case fantasy football and Playstation games would not be as successful as they have been. Ask anyone who has been a coach, as rewarding as it can be when things

The Final Whistle

Sport is so much more than a game. It is so much more than just entertainment. It teaches us so many lessons about life. It was the French writer Albert Camus who played in goal who said “Everything I know about

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