Kenny Lowe

Lowe to Take the High Road?

It would appear that Perth Glory’s finals win against Melbourne City at AAMI Park was not only a big win for the club, but it may prove to be a very important win for club coach Kenny Lowe. Kenny Lowe

Unstuck In The Middle

Perth Glory scored a good win over Melbourne Victory at the weekend. Yet it all could have been so different. Nebojsa Marinkovic scored from a trademark free-kick when Lawrence Thomas made it so much easier for the dead-ball specialist by

Costs Exceed Expectations

Owning a football club is an expensive business and as many who have done so have said a surefire way to lose money. Many believe that success on the pitch automatically leads to success off the pitch, in the commercial

Winning On and Off The Pitch

At the start of the current A-League season there was not much to be positive in the West. In fact if you ask many fans there was not a great deal to be positive about before Christmas. Since then it

Long Term Vision Linked to Long Term Employment

Perth Glory today to revealed their four year strategy as a club, and by all accounts there are some lofty goals. Nothing wrong with that, as the saying goes “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land

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