Risking it on one turn of pitch-and-toss

Once again we have sports administrators tampering with the traditions of a game, simply because they are unable to either make or back up decisions. It was announced in the last few days that the mandatory coin toss is to

Hold The Praise

Today Frank Lowy steps aside from his role as Chairman of the Football Federation of Australia. It is the end of an era, of that there can be no doubt. There are some who will say it was a magnificent

Quitting While Ahead?

They say that timing in sport is everything. This could also be true of sports administration. Last week former CEO of Australian Rugby and Football John O’Neill was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. Sport Australia Hall of

Are The State Bodies Representing Everyone’s Best Interests?

The Board elections for the Football Federation of Australia next month have probably seen the most interest from the football community in the 11 years that the FFA have been in existence. Yet once again a lack of unity within

A Chance to Be Heard, and to Influence the Future

Leadership comes from the top; but influence comes from those who in engage in what is happening. For decades the football community had complained that they had no say in the way that the game was being run, and they

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