FFA and FIFA Face Off

The wheels in sports administration move very slowly when they are asked to take action, but those under their control are expected to jump when the administrators come calling. It would appear that the Football Federation of Australia may well

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Breaking up with a partner is never easy. How often has the line ‘its not you its me’ been used by both men and women? Frequently it is used when the one doing the splitting up cannot really explain why

Castro and Keogh A Key Combination

Congratulations to Spaniard Diego Castro for sweeping the board when it came to the awards at Perth Glory’s Most Glorious Player Dinner. Castro who was signed at the start of the last A-League season picked up the coveted QBE Most

Chosen One Struggling To Be First Choice

News that José Mourinho has reportedly signed a pre-contract agreement to join Manchester United, with the former Chelsea manager due up to £15m in compensation if he is not appointed by the club by 1 June, may have pleased some

The Most Wanted Man in the A-League

He is hated by opposition fans throughout the A-League yet he is the player virtually every fan would love to have playing for their team. The man in question is Besart Berisha. Berisha is undoubtedly the best foreign striker to