Just When I Needed You Most

The Hockey Pro-League which is due to be launched in January 2019 is a competition that many believe will revolutionise international Hockey. As with any major changes in life there are those who are in favour of this new competition

Should Paralympics Go It Alone?

After all the hype of the Olympic Games next up is the Paralympic Games, where every day there are stories of people overcoming adversity to be crowned a paralympic Champion. Some their story of even competing at the Games will

Far from Heaven with Seven

The number seven is often referred to as God’s own number, and is associated with divine completion and perfection. If only that was an apt description for Seven in Australia. The Rio Olympic Games are the 12th Olympic Games that

Doing Their Talking on the Court

in 2015 the National Wheelchair Basketball League Champions, the Be Active Perth Wheelcats, withdrew from the the League because Basketball Australia had broken its own constitution by admitting a new side into the League, and after he fixtures had been

Kenya Believe It?

The Sydney 2000 Olympics are when the Paralympics are said to have come of age, and there is no doubt that in London in 2012 they were warmly received by sports fans. The television coverage by Channel Four in the