Are The Best Payers Replacing the Best Players?

Which countries have the biggest sporting influence on Australia? This is a very hard question to answer, at the turn of the last century the influence came very much from the United Kingdom. Despite denial from many, some sporting historians

Olympic Games Hosting To Be Limited To A Few Cities

Bidding for the world’s major sporting events is an expensive business, as Australia found out in its failed attempt to host the FIFA World Cup. It appears that the Governing bodies are aware that many Governments in tough economic times

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

There are some who question whether Twitter should be considered a legitimate outlet for news. Certainly it is a great communication tool when news is breaking, but the trouble is knowing whether the source is reliable and interpreting the 140

Specialisation Is Not Fun

Why do we play sport? There are a number of different reasons. Some play to stay fit, some play to be a part of a team or a community, and a small minority play for a living. Many in that

Must There Always Be A Winner?

Overnight India fought back after a draw and a loss to beat Australia’s Kookaburras in a three test Hockey series. This meant that the series was tied at one win a piece. Yet there had to be a winner! So

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