American Football

Are The Best Payers Replacing the Best Players?

Which countries have the biggest sporting influence on Australia? This is a very hard question to answer, at the turn of the last century the influence came very much from the United Kingdom. Despite denial from many, some sporting historians

Rolling Substitutions Part of Rugby’s Ongoing Evolution?

Rugby has come a long way since the dawn of professionalism, but are the Queensland Reds about to influence the biggest change of all? At the start of January we heard Dutch footballer Marco Van Basten putting forward suggestions that

Podcast #25 – Gridiron, Squash, Kabaddi and so much more…

Time for another Podcast and for this episode we have two fantastic guests. First up we have Phoebe Schecter, American born, yet she had never played Gridiron until she moved to the UK. She is now not only Captain of

Specialisation Is Not Fun

Why do we play sport? There are a number of different reasons. Some play to stay fit, some play to be a part of a team or a community, and a small minority play for a living. Many in that