Podcast #21 – A Different View of The Olympics From Two Hockey Players Not in Rio.

While many of us sit at home and marvel at the feats of all competing at the Olympic Games in Rio, there are some who are sitting at home watching who either missed out through selection, or because of the politics of modern-day sport. On this show we catch up with two such individuals.

First we hear from South Africa’s men’s hockey captain Austin Smith. His team qualified for the Rio Olympics but is not participating because of decisions outside of the control of the players. This is an issue that John and Ashley discuss, and who is in fact in control when it comes to the Olympic Games.

Our second guest is the man left behind from the three goalkeepers in Australia’s men’s hockey team, Tristan Clemons. Australia opts to have three players vying for one Olympic spot. One of the three is also selected to travel as a reserve, the third is left at home. A really tough situation, but Tristan is philosophical about it and also has plenty on his plate as you will hear.

If you enjoy the podcast then be sure to check out our Hungry Games interviews with past Olympians in cafes, bars and coffee shops around Perth. More will be posted as the Games continue.

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Podcast #21 – A Different View of The Olympics From Two Hockey Players Not in Rio.
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