Perth to miss out again on International Football?

If you were listening to the show last night you will have heard that delegates from the Asian Football Confederation are currently in Australia inspecting venues as part of Australia’s bid to host the 2015 AFC Asian Cup.

This delegation is not coming to Perth. The question raised was does this mean that because our state government is too worried about the short term and being re-elected Perth will miss out again on International football, should Australia win the bid, which is very likely?

The Official line from the FFA is “Perth is not included in the inspection tour for the Asian Cup Bid.  This does not mean that it would not be a host city if the bid was successful.”

Which reading between the lines means, if you don’t have an adequate stadium, then you won’t be hosting any games, if you can sort out the stadium issue you might.

Western Australia’s main trading partners are Asia, here is a wonderful opportunity to showcase this state and also cement relationships. However sadly the personnel at the building at the top of the terrace, lack the testicular fortitude to back two codes of sport over the one that we do not mention, for fear of losing votes at the ballot.

To build a stadium that can host international games is likely to win them votes as it is a win/win for all concerned. It could even help bring more meetings to Perth to help fill that lemon of a convention centre.

ME Bank stadium has been rejected by the AFC at this current point in time due to in the main the changing room facilities. Two showers and one toilet in the away dressing room do not meet theirs or FIFA’s requirements. The pitch they thought was magnificent.

If the Cliff in Peppermint Grove can have a protection order lifted, then time to lift the one on the main stand at Perth Oval. How it had one in the first place is a mystery. Knock it down and build a first class stand with decent facilities for fans, players and administrators and every one will be happy.

If that happens then all we have to overcome is the issue raised on the World Cup bid, as to whether we can build enough hotels in time!

Perth to miss out again on International Football?
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