NRL Helping the Queensland Community

As more and more sports people commit funding to the Queensland flood disaster and we applaud all of them, we would like to acknowledge the well thought out approach taken by the NRL.

On January 6th the NRL along with Queensland Rugby League donated $100,000 to assistance programmes and individual clubs. They have also announced fund-raising measures and direct community assistance in sending players to work in local clean-ups.

Today they appointed former Brisbane Broncos Chief Executive Bruno Cullen to co-ordinate further fund-raising and assistance packages to flood victims in both Queensland and NSW. This shows a sport being well aware that its support comes from the community and in times of need they need to help the community, and not just by sending money.

The NRL have realised that the need for support will be ongoing and they will work with government and community authorities to be there for the long road ahead with further fund-raisers and community projects.

NRL Chief Executive, Mr David Gallop, said. “Rugby League is a major part of these communities and the need of those communities is being felt across the game. It requires a structured response and the NRL has enlisted the services of Bruno to co-ordinate a game-wide approach that compliments the government and community priorities.”

Well done the NRL.

NRL Helping the Queensland Community

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