Now This Guy is Cool!

With the UK ravaged by snow one would imagine that many highly paid pampered professional footballers would have been sitting in their centrally heated homes reflecting on the weekend’s games, some maybe, but not all.

Swansea City’s Angel Rangel and his wife  around the snowy streets of Swansea on Friday night looking for homeless people to help.

The Spanish sent a message out via Twitter: “Anyone knows the location of homeless people in Swansea? I got food going spare! #randomtweet” Him and his wife are said to have ended up at a homeless shelter and later thanks all those who offered suggestions.

Rangel, who has claimed it was all his wife’s idea was it is believed in a sandwich chain when they heard the manager say he would have to throw food away because it was closing for the night.

He told CNN: “My wife, Nikki, who is a very caring and charitable person, asked if we could have them for the homeless rather than see them thrown in the bin.They agreed and we drove around Swansea for over an hour, but couldn’t find any homeless people as it was so cold out on the streets with all the snow.”

Rangel who signed for Swansea in 2007 has said the pair were now going to do this on a regular basis.



Now This Guy is Cool!
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