No Rio, No Money

It had to happen despite the successful medal haul at the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, the funding for Great Britain’s athletes.

A number of sports will receive funding cuts as a result of the British Government’s “No Compromise” policy which states that only sports that can show that they will qualify for Rio in 2016 will receive a share of the GBP508 Million in funding. This some coming directly from the Government and also the UK Lottery which ploughs millions into sport each year.

Already suffering are the UK Volleyball team who cannot afford to keep on their coach, Dutchman Harry Brokking. The UK handball team have had to pay their own air fares to take part in a European Championship qualifying game in Greece this week.

While some of Britain’s top Olympic athletes may well be set for life after winning gold and securing lucrative sponsorship arrangements, it should be noted that they are means tested by UK athletics before receiving any funding. If their income from sponsorship deals, prize money or other commercial deals exceeds GBP30,000 per annum they do not receive any funding from UK Athletics.

No Rio, No Money
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