No Love Set For Davis Cup

Is Lleyton Hewitt becoming a grumpy old man? Is this the natural evolution of the petulant teenage star as he enters the latter stages of a great career?

His recent comments that rising star Bernard Tomic is unworthy of a Davis Cup berth for Australia are out of order. Surely that is the decision of Australia’s Davis Cup Captain, John Fitzgerald and Todd Woodbridge the team coach?

If as reported in some quarters that Hewitt’s comments were based on Tomic’s refusal to hit with Hewitt at Wimbledon, then it it’s time to get over it. If as also reported, Tomic had swine flu then there is a valid reason.

Warring factions in house do not help promote the sport. Hewitt has been a remarkable tennis player for Australia, and it appears his career is on the wane, while Tomic’s is on the rise. Hopefully this had no bearing on the comments.

Through all of the comments that have flown back and forth on this issue, the one’s from Bernard Tomic’s father raises another issue. He was quoted as saying, “Bernard is not a pure Australian, we feel like Aussies, but it is up to them will they accept us?”

This is a country made up of immigrants, and as much as Australians love to rib the England cricket team when they select foreign born players, they too have ‘adopted’ foreign born athletes. Tomic may have been born in Germany of Croatian descent, but he has proved himself at junior level as Australian. Hopefully the nation will embrace him as such.

No Love Set For Davis Cup
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