No Icy Reception Forecast in Sochi

While there has been hundreds of column centimetres written on the heat in Qatar and how unsuitable it is to play football in let alone host a World Cup, another tournament has now hit the papers due to heat issues, the 2014 Winter Olympics.

There is apparently growing concerns that the Black Sea resort of Sochi in Russia, the host of the Winter Games in february may not be cold enough!

This is bound to dispel many a myth about Russian winters. However Sochi actually has a sub-tropical climate most of the year round, and that was why some were surprised it received the nod to host the games. The long range forecast is predicting temperatures well above freezing. Their average February temperature is ten degrees above freezing, last year it was 18.5c.

The planned test events had to be cancelled because temperatures were too high and now there are suggestions 2014 could be even higher. To add to this worrying news there are even predictions of heavy rain at this time which will play havoc with many events.

Apparently snow-cannons are already on standby. (Are these the same water cannons used to repel protestors doubling up in use?) These will bring snow from the Caucasus mountains which are the scenic backdrop to the resort of Sochi. Although experts have said if it is raining this will not be a great deal of help.

There is absolutely no confirmation that Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would be buggered if the Games were affected by good weather.

No Icy Reception Forecast in Sochi
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