No Bloody Coverage

That is what many Americans are saying the TV station NBC’s letters stand for, after the station announced that despite having 223 athletes at the Paralympic Games in London they would not be showing any of the events live.

Instead the station has opted to show a 90 minute highlights show at the conclusion of the games.

This has not gone down well at the games itself which have been extremely well attended and supported, and some close to the International Paralympic Committee have been hear to say that this has been a kick in the guts for the games.

Maybe it just shows how out of touch the USA television heads are to what the public want.

Which leads into another issue that is being raised almost daily in the newspapers, that sport can no longer give commentary positions to ex-athletes, as it is a skill that very few possess, and their ability to communicate to the viewers at home what is transpiring has been found to be lacking. Hopefully television heads will realise that sometimes a big name may bring you headlines and stories in magazines, but in fact actually loses you viewers and listeners. The audience is now far more discerning than in yesteryear, and the ‘jobs for the boys’ is not proving a winner.

No Bloody Coverage
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