New Star in the West on the Horizon?

Some rumours are not worth listening too, others make you prick up your ears. One doing the rounds  in Perth late on friday was the news that the club may in fact be looking to sign an international Marquee player, and have their eyes on a world renowned defender.

The reason this news made many sit up and take notice is that the word was after Ljubo Milicevic’s contract was paid out without him starting an A League game many did not expect funds to be made available for another defender.

Then last week on the eve of the Glory’s opening game in their pre-match press release Glory coach Alistair Edwards was quoted in relation to giving a start to Brandon O’Neill as saying, “It just goes in line with our philosophy as a club to give young players an opportunity, young West Australian players and the young internationals coming into the team and that’s what it’s all about. People are all talking about the overseas players in the league and it’s great. All the Del Pieros and the like are doing great stuff, but the important thing for Perth Glory and everyone here is the exciting young Australian talent coming in and that is the point of difference for us this year.”

So does the coach know about this possible new signing?

If the Glory are to sign a Marquee player one has to say that hopefully it will be a signing made purely for footballing reasons. The signing of Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler who was the club’s last big marquee signing was far more of a success commercially off the pitch than it was on. Fans may not be so forgiving if the new signing is brought in purely to boost season ticket and they player shirt sales.

The rumour may prove to be just that, it could also be one that has arisen out of fact, time will tell. If that is the case then let us hope the coach was well aware of the deal and also has spoken to the player concerned; as no player should be signed behind the coach’s back. Secondly as we say let us hope he contributes on the pitch bringing experience and the team success.

New Star in the West on the Horizon?
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