MS Dhoni Stumped

MS Dhoni is revered in India. Some may call him god-like, – although that got him in trouble- while to others he is the King of Cricket. But the King has been trumped by a Prince.

The Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA) has 24 dogs that it uses for crowd control in Mumbai. The dogs are highly trained and mainly come from Champion breeding stock.

Prince is a six year old golden retriever that the Indian One-Day Captain took a shine to two years ago when he visited the kennels. According to Kishor Nawar owner of Third Eye dog security MS Dhoni asked if he could adopt Prince.

The President of the MCA Mr Ajay Shirke agreed that Prince could be handed over to Dhoni. However Dhoni had to leave early and did not return for Prince. In the meantime Harbhajan Singh is also rumoured to have wanted to adopt Prince, but his request was turned down.

Dhoni is due back in Mumbai to play Sri Lanka and many of the handlers were worried that this time he will take Prince, who is regarded as the most docile of the dogs charged with crowd control. However Shirke has changed his mind about letting the Prince leave.

He told the Hindustan Times “I had agreed then, but a lot of time has passed and Prince has settled in. I cannot uproot him as they also have feelings. Not that I doubt that Dhoni won’t provide him with a stable home. I feel Prince’s home is in the kennel with his mates.”

So it looks as if a Dog has managed to do what many world class bowlers have failed to do, dismiss MS Dhoni.

MS Dhoni Stumped
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