Lost in Translation?

Not the Footy Show has received two emails in the last 48 hours from concerned fans of Football in Western Australia. The emails contained similar content asking us what the role of Football West was in terms of promoting the game; Guys you could check on their website. However  on receiving the latest edition of the governing body’s  official e-newsletter “First Touch” our emailers were more than a little confused.

Having attached a copy to each email we note that the whole edition is promoting the start of the Hyundai A league and the privately owned Perth Glory.

To be fair to Football West their constitution does state under section 1.1 subsection F that the duty of the organisation is “to promote, provide for, regulate and manage Football tournaments and games in the State;” So there would appear to be nothing wrong in them promoting the privately owned Perth Glory. However as an organisation that has had to find the funding to run the Perth Glory W League team as the A League club withdrew funding one would have hoped that a nominal fee was charged for access to their data base and such publicity was not handed over free of charge  or for a handful of free VIP tickets. (It should be noted that CEO Peter Hugg did manage to find the funding and no doubt fans of the Women’s game will be glad that he did).

What is most distressing to our correspondents and also us is that this weekend sees the Football West run All Flags State Premier League finals being played, as well as the reserves and under 18s finals, yet there is no mention of these. Then on Sunday it is Cup Finals for the following competitions: Metropolitan, Women’s, Masters, Sunday Reserves and Sunday Amateur competitions, again no promotion.

Surely all of these clubs who pay fees to Football West have a right to expect the governing body to promote their showpiece games ahead of a privately owned concern, is that really not too much to ask?

A sample of the newsletter is attached below.

First Touch Football West
“First Touch” – Football West’s Newsletter sent on 3 October 2012
Lost in Translation?
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4 thoughts on “Lost in Translation?

  • October 5, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    You are of course correct All White after reading or being informed of Not the Footy Show comments today the FW CEO decides at the 12 hour to promote the State and Other leagues . LOL

    – Disgusting that he believes we are all dimwits and unable to see where his priorities are.

    – the Board knows ( and others ) Peter Hugg is already endeavering to obtain employment elsewhere – having had interviews that failed I am informed .

    So why not give him his notice now and also Rechelle Hawkes whose contribution to our game is virtually neglible.

    Time for the Football West Board to try and ensure we have dedicated to the Round Ball Sport active Persons at Executive Level and management .

    Not those who see the position as a possible pathway to some other ” lofty ” position gained by association with FW but not with any positive results except building a Staff Empire at unreasonable cost to All the Clubs under its umbrella .

    FW delusions of grandeur is such that they make no response on here ( even under a Nomme de plume ) to put their point of view .

    Communication reply on here from FW dept highly paid staff is zero or they are overruled by the CEO.

    Shame Shame


  • October 5, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Thank you for exposing this! Even if they did correct the error of their ways later in the day the question has to be asked why are they promoting Perth Glory ahead of the leagues they actually run?

    Bob Kucera and the board need to ask what the CEO is thinking as it does appear that he is a puppet for Perth Glory. Ultimately they control the CEO and if he does not do what he should be doing get rid of him. His contract is up soon, they should not renew it.

    A good board would poll those in the game on his performance and I will bet it would not be positive. This is just another example of him getting it all wrong, and trying to correct his mistake at the last minute. Too late to promote the games less than 24 hours before the first game! Disgraceful.

  • October 5, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    Maybe it was this post, maybe it was not, but good to see that Football West produced another edition of First Touch that was sent out at 1222 today with a message from CEO Peter Hugg promoting the local finals. It is hoped that he and his board will be at these games and not the Glory!

    Have to ask though, an email at the eleventh hour promoting so many games, is that good marketing?

    Anyway the main thing is they have tried to do the right thing.

    Incidentally you cannot view the e-newsletter on their website unless you subscribe. Work that one out?

  • October 5, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Hi there – I am sure you are aware that Football Wests Rechelle Hawkes Football General Manager is an ex employee of Glory and was recommended by the Glory CEO Paul Kelly who at the time was a Director at FW whilst even if it was in contravention of the Rules. Maybe she thinks she still works there? (SAD)

    Football west CEO Peter Hugg should be questioned in allowing this expenditure and acts like a Glory Lackey and does NOT promote The State League and other Leagues well enough to the West Australian Public .

    A Clean out is needed at FW before Our Game completely dies through lack of supporters .

    Shame Shame Shame ..

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