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Perth Glory’s slogan for the coming season is “No Guts, No Glory” and as stated previously they have come up with some innovative ideas to try and generate atmosphere at games this season.

However it is sad to say that the club should maybe apply this slogan to its website.
On the seventh of September the club announced the signing of striker Billy Mehmet, a player who looks like being a very good acquisition and the perfect foil for Shane Smeltz. Yet you go to the player profiles the week of the start of the new season and it’s a case of Billy who? There is no Billy Mehmet there at all.

In addition, the Westfield W-League fixtures were announced on the 27th of September, but despite having a tab on the website to view these fixtures, there is in fact no content there. We are well aware that the Perth Glory Women’s team is run by Football West, but they do carry the club’s name and there is a section on the site for the team, so it seems strange that this has not been updated. It still has John Gibson as coach, even though former Glory stalwart Jamie Harnwell was unveiled as coach on the 21st of September. Surely you would want to promote a player who made the most appearances for your club?

It really is a case of a website with no guts and certainly no glory there, as they are missing out. People will cease visiting the site if the information is not up to date. Your website is as they say your shop window.

Lost in Cyberspace
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2 thoughts on “Lost in Cyberspace

  • October 4, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    C’mon you should know by now the club is dysfunctional and therefore everything attached to it is! They really do not care at all, when will the media realize if they stop pandering to Sage and his cronies egos we may get our football club back.
    With $30 a game they will be lucky to average 5,000 this year, and I hear membership is only at just under 4000, a sinking ship. As you say the website is the shop window, expect a fire sale soon!

  • October 4, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    agreed. to be honest i usually don’t visit the glory official website as it has been so toothless and pathetic for a long time. on the flip side though i have to say this is the case with most of the a-league official websites. all exactly the same look and not the most user friendly…

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