Looking A Twit

As we have seen in the past few months tweeting has ended a few sports personalities in hot water, after they have sent out their thought sin the heat of the moment.

There is no doubt that Twitter is a modern day phenomenon, and sporting teams and players are finding it an ideal tool by which they can connect with their fans.

What is worrying is the content that gets through which can in fact have a negative effect.

At the women’s world cup in Germany we have seen one of the Australian players announce how happy they are to be in the semi-finals when in fact they are only in the quarter-finals. A slightly embarrassing mistake for a player to make.

Then one of the management of one of the teams playing Equatorial Guinea, who had suffered accusations of playing men to qualify for the finals, that heir team was going to abandon ‘man for man marking’ in their game with the Africans. Humorous, but this could well have lead to a diplomatic incident.

So the big question is should our leading athletes be tweeting during major tournaments? Tell us what you think.

Looking A Twit
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