Interstate Rivalry

What is it about Australia that constantly sees states fight over international sporting events?

To the World, and the World’s sporting bodies, Australia is the host. They delve no deeper, and we as a nation should also embrace the fact that we play host to so many world class sporting events.

The news this week that Victoria was planning to bid to host the Tour Down Under Cycling event, and take it away from South Australia was disappointing to say the least. The Victorian Government already stole the Australian Grand Prix off of their neighbour and now they want another key event.

Cycling Australia should step in, or indeed the Minister for Sport and tell them to back down. There are many other states that would love to host the event, but they respect the fact that it is an Australian event and applaud the job that South Australia does as a host.

Interstate Rivalry
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One thought on “Interstate Rivalry

  • January 27, 2010 at 12:06 am

    victorians are greedy. on another note. I wish we had a better football stadium 😛

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