Holy Cow

On the show we have often debated whether an activity is a sport or a pastime. What defines whether an activity is a sport or not?

If it is whether you can bet on an outcome of an event then we think we have uncovered one of the strangest yet.

It has been named Cow Pie Bingo and is taking place in India. A field has been marked out into squares and then a cow is let out onto the field. The outcome rests solely on where the Cow in question decides to drop it’s pat.

Apparently hordes of spectators stand around after placing bets waiting for the cow to do it’s business. As the cow is in no hurry the wait can last hours, but the crowd continues to wait. No doubt the entrepreneurial farmer is also selling chair and snacks to the waiting spectators.

Not sure whether this will catch on international or even whether it would make good television, but it is gaining plenty of publicity.

Holy Cow
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