High Octane Hockey On the Menu at HHIL

The second Hockey India League will be underway in one week’s time. The competition that sees hockey players given the chance to earn close to the the sums of money their skill and dedication deserve, although well below many of their counterparts.

The league has added one new team to the competition this year, the Kalinga Lancers and they are already being tipped as one of the teams to look out for with five of their nine foreign players coming from the Kookaburras line up; Aran Zalewski, Glenn Simpson, Kiel Brown, Tristan Clemons and Russell Ford.

The aim of the competition is to try and restore Indian Hockey to where it used to be, by giving young talented Indian players exposure to top quality foreign coaches as well as players, and to witness first hand the dedication and discipline that has made them greats of the game. Indian hockey has dropped off the radar in terms of the public consciousness and the Hero Hockey India League aims to bring pride back to the game in its spiritual home.

Star Sports India will be covering all of the games in the HHIL in 2014 and with 16 cameras at every game is planning to broadcast “Hockey Like its never been seen before.” Revolutionary camera angles will be used so that the viewer will be able to better appreciate the skills of the players. While replays of the action will use the latest graphics technology; this may not be visible for overseas viewers. All ¬†games will be streaming on Youtube for hockey fans across the globe.

Not The Footy Show’s Ashley Morrison will be part of the commentary team.


High Octane Hockey On the Menu at HHIL
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