Hacked Down in New Job?

Most people are well aware of how vast Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is, and the power it wields, especially politicians. This is why the the phone hacking trial of former employees at the News of the World and The Sun newspapers in the UK is going to be so intriguing. For a start Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron is on the periphery of the case because former editor of the now defunct News of The World  Andy Coulson, was his communications chief. Throw in the fact that former Prime Minister Tony Blair was so close to the Murdochs that he is Godfather to Grace, Murdoch’s daughter with third wife Wendi Deng, to whom he is now separated. Many believe this was the reason for Blair’s reluctance to investigate the accusations of phone hacking by News International, Mr Murdoch’s company.

In the whole phone hacking investigation many sports stars and other celebrities found their phones had been hacked. Some have received financial compensation for that invasion of privacy. Some however faced a very awkward situation. With their playing careers over they were now being employed by television stations owned by Murdoch. Their private lives had been illegally invaded and they were entitled to compensation and the Police were obviously keen to discuss the nature of the hacking. If they went down that path no doubt their employer would not look too kindly on them, and their new career would probably come to an abrupt end, as it would be incredibly embarrassing to the television network.

So what to do? Many opted to let bygones be bygones.

What would you have done in that situation and did those who opted for no course of action do the right thing?

Until you are in that situation it is very hard to answer such a question. It may depend on how you feel about the invasion into your life by complete strangers looking to profit from what they find; one would think it would make you extremely cautious in your new place of work.

A difficult situation, of that there can be no doubt, and one that could be made harder if the prosecution feels the need to subpoena you.

It will be interesting to see how the case unfolds, one thing has to be hoped and that is that the gutter press may think twice in future before employing such tactics just to get a story.


Hacked Down in New Job?
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