Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner?

We love sports administrators! Sometimes they can be so out of touch it defies belief.

The Football Federation of Australia have planned their end of season player of the year awards to take place on Monday 15 February; Which may not sound that bad when you look at the date in isolation.

However when we tell you that all teams in the Hyundai A league are expected to send four players and their coach you start to realise that planning of this event did not have a lot of thought behind it.

It may not affect the top two teams will come from Melbourne, Sydney or the Gold Coast, who will play on the Saturday or for that matter whoever finishes third. But say Wellington Phoenix or Perth Glory finish 6th and are expected to play on the Saturday, it is ridiculous to expect either of them to break their finals preparations to attend such a function. To fly all the way over to Sydney and lose two days preparation for the sake of a free meal and the possibility of picking up a “gong” rather than having the best preparation to win a place in a grand final does not make sense.

One has to ask why would the FFA plan such a night before the season has come to its full conclusion anyway?

Will Perth Glory and Wellington Phoenix decided to stay at home and face the consequences from a body that does not like people to disagree with them? Even Miron Bleiberg may choose to keep his team at home, we will wait and see.

Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner?
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