Goalkeepers Score in 2010.

Readers of this blog may recall several months ago that we highlighted that no Goalkeepers had won the player of the year award in the State League Football awards since they were introduced in 1961. (A Time to Listen or a Time to Lead).

After talking to some of the referees they said it was because they had to vote for a goalkeeper on the match cards so often never thought to give them votes in those allocated for the game.

Football West have looked into this issue and have advised that this year on the match cards there is a note to referees stating that they can vote for goalkeepers in their 3-2-1 votes, as well as indicating who they thought was the best ‘keeper on the day.

It will be interesting to see if the goalkeepers poll better in the overall medal count this coming season.

But well done the powers that be at Football West.

Goalkeepers Score in 2010.
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One thought on “Goalkeepers Score in 2010.

  • March 6, 2010 at 10:58 am

    We received an email in relation to this story and would like to share some of the contents

    “Previously (Pre Football West) we had two major awards . The Players Association awards and players in each team each week voted for the State League and Division 2 League Players Player of the Year and the Rothmans award which is now the Gold Medal Award was run as a separate award.”

    Martin Vogt won this award and he was a goalkeeper. Obvioulsy that is a serious plaudit being voted by your fellow players and winning the award. Well done Martin!

    We have been advised that Paul Tombides and Kevin Elliott are two other winners.

    The email also gave us this snippet:

    Another GK fact overlooked is that Miso Bunic (Now President of Western Knights) was the longest active goalkeeper coach in WA, he started coaching in the early 80’s and was coaching keepers at NP Crtoatia and then Western Knights throughout that period till 12 months ago.

    As someone who knows Miso a wonderful achievement

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