Giggs Ungagged

Having just won his 12th  Barclays Premiership with Manchester United Ryan Giggs, appeared to be the perfect family man, a devoted husband and father-of-two, an ideal role model and “ambassador” for the game.

That is now all in tatters and maybe so is the possibility of him playing in the Champions League Final this weekend against Barcelona.

Giggs was named overnight under parliamentary privilege in the House of Commons by Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming yesterday.

Giggs is alleged to have secretly been having an affair with ex-Big Brother resident Imogen Thomas behind his wife Stacey’s back for six months.

He kept his alleged affair secret by paying lawyers hundreds of thousands of pounds to obtain a court injunction. While her name was out in the public domain Giggs using his football fortune was able to hide behind a gagging order. Something many other top sportsmen in the UK are also supposedly doing.

Social networking website Twitter, “Outed” the affair but Giggs dug his heels in and demanded his lawyers sue the Tweeters who revealed his identity.

Fleet Street’s tabloids are now likely to reveal all the sordid details about football’s ‘Mr. Clean,’ who ironically was afraid to come clean.

In Wiltshire ‘giggs’ are a male’s testicles. It is a great shame that he did not have the giggs to come clean a long time ago.

Sir Alex Ferguson who guided him through his teenage years and protected him from the press is reported to be fuming at the timing of these revelations and may drop Giggs from this weekend’s Champion’s League Final.

What a way to finish such an outstanding career!

Giggs Ungagged
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