From A Roar to A Squeal

Yesterday witnessed a cracking game of A league football between Perth Glory and the Brisbane Roar. Perth Glory a little unfortunate not to hang on for a draw as Visconte’s deflected shot spun like a Shane Warne delivery to sneak inside the post in the final minute of injury time.

The Roar were the better side over the 90 minutes and we are not taking anything away from them, but there was a little more squealing coming from them than roaring during the first half. With a vantage point pitch-side, it was interesting to hear every time Jacob Burns challenged a Roar player they would squeal as if hit by a sniper’s bullet. With Burns being labelled as a “hard man” by various coaches and commentators, one wonders if this was a little piece of gamesmanship.

Credit must go to referee Ben Williams who soon became aware of the situation and after ignoring the girlish squeals saw them disappear from the game completely.

From A Roar to A Squeal
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2 thoughts on “From A Roar to A Squeal

  • October 5, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Rob, thanks for your comment, but I have to say that I don’t agree with you. I think that such a reaction is understandable from fans but is a little premature. The team were out thought by the Gold Coast, pathetic against the Jets, but against Adelaide and the Roar on Sunday the games could have gone either way. Let us also not forget that these two defeats were against the teams placed one and two in the league at the moment.

    If you look at the game as a whole the Roar were the better side, but Glory had chances to win it, and in the end were unlucky in the manner in which they lost. Personally I thought it was one of the best games of football at NIB for a few years.

    If Dave Mitchell loses the next two I would say that is the time to look at possibly replacing him, however I feel that Perth are too quick to change coaches. This team will make the finals, of that I have no doubt. The league is very tight and as long as they get results in the next two games and are still in touch in the next two weeks the season is still on track.

    Perth fans need to be patient. When Mitchell took over Perth were five points behind the Phoenix in last. They ended up second bottom. Last year a dubious penalty saw the Phoenix end up fourth on the ladder with the Glory fifth, one point behind them. Currently the two teams are on the same points this season. Yet the Phoenix fans praise the job Ricky Herbert has done while the Glory fans ask for their coach, whose record is virtually identical, to be sacked.

    I feel the biggest mistake the club made was to sign Robbie Fowler. He has been great from a marketing position of that there is no doubt, but the team has tried to adjust to the way they were playing pre-season – when he was injured – to include him and it hasn’t worked. Through no fault of his own he has become a fringe player in the game. With him becoming peripheral within the team over 90 minutes they are effectively playing with ten men each week. The saddest thing is that when he is involved in the play, his vision is too far ahead of those around him.

    Supporting Swindon I witnessed the same thing when Lou Macari signed as player coach. He thought too quickly for the players around him, because he was that good a player. Fowler is the same; his thought processes are still way ahead of those around him.

    Football is a game of opinions; I for one cannot understand why Jelic is not starting, as I do not believe he is a good substitute, struggling to get into the pace of the game and rarely able to make an impact. To me, he should start, or not be in the squad for the match.

    As I say it’s a game of opinions, I believe it is too early to sack the coach and would kill the season to do so, you obviously feel differently.

  • October 5, 2010 at 7:35 am


    It’s now or never to ditch Mitch. At the next home game there should be a giant DITCH MITCH banner unfurled in the shed! The only thing consistent about Glory in the last 3 seasons is that they play the same way. Even with different players, they play the same way. At best it can be described as organized panic with moments of relief. It’s like Scottish Div One. Mitchell has got to go and Sage needs to have the Balls to make the decision. This is professional football and a coach like Mitchell would not be tolerated in major competition in the world or Asia for that matter. Look at Adelaide under Coolen. Even Fury plays a better style. Maybe get Straka if Fury falls over or appoint Sikora, Mori or Robbie Hooker as a caretaker coach with a end of season review played , please NOT Ferguson as it will be more of the same! DITCH MITCH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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