Football Australia Heading to Town

Some people may call it Clive Palmer’s Circus, but officially it is called Football Australia, and they are heading to Perth and other key cities in Australia.

Their unofficial National Public Inquiry into the state of Football in Australia carried out by Inquiry Commissioner Gary Collis, will cover a number of key issues, and these have now have been expanded to include matters concerning the A-League after the announcement yesterday that the Hunter Sports Group has withdrawn its support for Newcastle Jets.

Other topics include: Olympic football and Australia’s poor performances, Junior football and the cost to parents amongst other things, the women’s game and any other issues that you the fan, player, manager or club official may wish to raise.

If you wish to submit your thoughts visit their website:

They will be at The Duxton Hotel on April 25th and 26th of April.

Football Australia Heading to Town
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2 thoughts on “Football Australia Heading to Town

  • April 11, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    Paul, there is obviously a lot wrong with the A league at the moment and things need to change, Clive Palmer has the money for such an enquiry and his money can force change for the better so be it.

    There are so many areas of the game fracturing at the moment it is a grave concern. Juniors who opt to go to private “academies” are being cut out in some cases and that can never be good. I mean would you penalise an employee who wanted to put in extra work?

    If this can bring a more unified feeling to the game I am all for it. The FFA called it “The Football Family” when they started out and it is like a family in many ways, but not sadly in the loving nurturing way we all hoped.

  • April 11, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    Whats your take on all this Ash?

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