Fine Takes the Bacon

The Rugby World Cup may well be a thing of the past but the post-mortems continue. England’s supposedly confidential report by the players finding its way into the public domain adding more fuel to the smouldering fire after their poor performance.

Samoa too were disappointed with the performance that their players put on the park and they too have looked into what went wrong.

Whereas the England players were fined, or dropped the case of Samoan rugby manager Mathew Vaea certainly takes the bacon.

The Samoan manager was fined 100 pigs for misbehaviour at the tournament, by his home village. Accusations abounded that the management of the team had treated the World Cup like an all-expenses paid holiday.

Despite the verdict of having to pay 100 PIgs, Vaea chose to pay a monetary fee instead of the symbolic fine.

Fine Takes the Bacon
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