Finals Justified as Sydney Win Premiership

This site has made no bones about finals series in football in Australia, and who we believe should be named Champions and who should be called Premiers, so we will not go down that path again.

However Fox Sports’ Andy Harper made a strange statement following Sydney’s victory over the Melbourne Victory, that saw them crowned Premiers, “the crowd justifies the final series.”

He went on to say the crowd know that the main prize is still at stake. If you ask, and even looked at the faces of the Melbourne Victory players they felt this was the ultimate goal. We suspect that most of the fans on the terrace and in the seats believe that Sydney FC are the champions and that if they win the finals series that will be a bonus and if they lose, nothing will detract from their victory today over 27 games.

Sydney FC congratulations!

If you feel that Mr Harper’s comments are on the money let us know.

There is definitely a place for finals, we would prefer not a top six in a ten team league, and that they not be called Champions, but that is simply one opinion in a sea of opinions.

Finals Justified as Sydney Win Premiership
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2 thoughts on “Finals Justified as Sydney Win Premiership

  • February 19, 2010 at 9:21 am

    I think there is a misunderstanding here, I believe there is a place for finals. I just feel whoever wins the finals should be Premiers and whoever wins the home and aways season Champions as the latter is a harder thing to achieve.
    In amateur or semi professional ranks I think finals are very important as they keep the season alive.
    However it is a bit of a joke when you are half way doen the league ladder and you make the finals. The A league this year 6th out of ten is embarrassing.
    Don’t agree re the Premier league as with the FA Cup you have a competition that would make the finals superfluous.
    As for how the Glory go, I believe if they manage to beat the Phoenix I think they can go all the way. Sydney were not convincing against them, Melbourne have injuries and supsensions, Gold Coast beat them very unconvincingly up there (dubious refereeing 1st time) and they seem to have the wood over the Jets.

  • February 19, 2010 at 1:17 am

    Obviously the stars are doing mysterious things this week as there seems to be a Harper/Morrison alignment going on. While scientists agree these are fleeting occurances they also stress that these events will happen again in the future due to an observed but as yet unexplained respect.
    Now Ash, Finals why have a bloody season if you dont have finals? lets just make the World Cup (you can pick your sport, Rugby Soccer Hockey Lacrosse RahRah) a round robin? If there is one thing that the Premier League lacks its a top 4 playoff.
    We praise the players that rise to the occasion in World Cup finals, in Olympic finals, Super Rugby finals, even, dare I say, Metro 3G Hockey finals. It creates a unique atmosphere that allows champions to rise and stamp there mark. One monent in one day of Time.

    And yes your right about the top 6 I feel. Personally I dont care how many teams you have in your league, finals should be the top 4 only. Having said that……. Glory are good things if they get through this weekend, soccer is such a flucky game. Introduce Interchange I say. Any thoughts……..

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